Historical buildings Code’s Mill (1882) in Perth Ontario

Understanding the history of Ontario town – Perth

Historical buildings Code’s Mill (1882) in Perth Ontario

If you thought Ontario was all about Toronto, you couldn’t have been more wrong. There is just so much more to explore here, and Perth is one of those cities that can delight you with everything from its modernity to its history.

Perth, Ontario and all you need to know about It

Historically, Perth has been an important town where the Irish and Scottish crossed the Atlantic Ocean as early as 200 years ago. It is interesting, that the name Perth was derived from a river and town in Scotland.

The Perth Military Settlement was established in 1815 (Map). That is when the settlement in Perth actually started in Lanark County. Perth boasts of some of the gorgeous buildings that speak of its history. While you walk on the streets of Perth, you can see that each building speaks volumes about the history on their own.

Old Perth Library McMillan Building

Old Perth (Ontario) Library – The McMillan Building

The war in the year of 1812 led to the military establishment in Perth by the year 1816. The majority of the first colonists in Perth, Ontario came from Italy, France, Poland, Germany, Ireland, and Scotland. Their military services were exchanged with an offer of land. 1824 saw the last of the military state and this when the  self-government municipal rightswere granted to the settlers.

However, let us dive deeper into the mystic land of Perth!

Historically important places in Perth, Ontario

St. Paul’s United Church Cemetery, which is the oldest burial ground in Canada can be found in Perth. It was earlier known by the name of The Old Methodist Burying Ground. One can find this cemetery on Robinson Street at the Last Duel Park’s south-east end. Another popular cemetery housed by Perth is the Craig Street Cemetery, which is also referred to as the old burying grounds. It is home to several historical graves between the years 1820 and 1873.

St. Paul’s United Church Cemetery

St. Paul’s United Church Cemetery

The field of blood

While we are sure there have been other cases of homicides later, perhaps the most fatal duel to be remembered in Perth is the one that happened way back in 1833. On June 13, that year, a student, studying law and named Robert Lyon was killed when he fought with a friend name John Wilson over a woman named Elizabeth Hughes. This site in Perth that is known for the last duel is also referred to as the “Field of Blood.”

The Mammoth cheese

The Mammoth cheese

Perth produced Mammoth Cheese (a 22,000-pound of cheese) in the year 1893 to promote the famous Canadian cheese throughout the world. It was exhibited at the Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition.

The heritage of Perth nowadays

The heritage of Perth is as vast as its history. Today, it boasts of restaurants, boutiques, antique shops and much more. The most exciting thing about these old and mundane businesses is that they all work out of stone buildings that date back to 100-200 years. These historical edifices are a tourist attraction in themselves!

Mexicali Rosa's Restaurant

Mexicali Rosa’s Restaurant (Perth, Ontario)

You could even try going in for the Classic Theatre festival which offers several walking tours, including a Lonely Ghosts walk.