Best ways to explore city heritage

Cities like Vancouver and Toronto are relatively new, especially if you consider it with towns like Perth, Ontario.

Perth is a historical surprise that is full of incredible heritage buildings and passageways. These heritage sites line the streets, and the alleys remind us of the horse lanes that were once their sole function.

It is a known fact that Perth, Ontario has a strong Scottish influence and this why we can see the crafts of masons in the gorgeous stone buildings. These make a long-standing and stately backdrop to the landscape of the town.

The top places to visit while you are in Perth

They say that each street of a new town tells a story and the same can be said for the buildings that make Perth’s heritage.

Let’s check out some tidbits to whet your appetite about the rich culture and heritage of Perth, Ontario – and what makes it so special.

1. John’s Convent – 36 Wilson Street East

This convent was built in the year 1905. The Sisters of Providence in Perth lived in this convent for eighty-one long years. The very first convent in Perth was nothing more than a brick house that was located near a school. It was purchased for a whopping $1750.

2. Old Fire Hall – 30 Herriott Street

This tower is unique as it dates back to 1855. It is one of the very few fair halls that remain in Perth despite its ancient construction. Regardless of its old construction, it stands tall and in excellent condition which is a true testimony of the excellent skill,s and craftsmanship of the builders of that time.

3. Robertson Building/Music Hall – 11-15 D’Arcy Street

The Robertson Building is built in a vernacular style and is a stone building entirely. It was built by Scottish masons who were trained in Edinburgh. This building was constructed for James Robertson who was a local cordwainer. The space on the main floor of the building was often used for conducting meetings, political gatherings, concerts, etc.

4. The Site of The Last Duel

The site of the last duel is the famous place in Perth where a man named Robert Lyon, dueled with his best friend John Wilson over a woman named Miss Elizabeth Hughes. This infamous fatal duel happened back in the year 1833 where these two law students fought for the love of a woman. It is probably the most publicized fight that ever happened in Upper Canada and is a popular tourist attraction.

Perth is a hothouse of different cultures, traditions, heritage, and history. This is just the tip of the iceberg! Many beautiful buildings will take your breath away by their immaculate craftsmanship.

If you are in Perth the first time, we would strongly suggest you go for one of the many walking tours. You could explore the city’s heritage buildings easily then, and learn a lot more about the little tidbits that make Perth such an interesting place to live in.

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Top ideas for unforgettable recreation

Have you been wanting to explore Perth, Ontario but haven’t been sure as to where to start? Well, don’t worry as we’ve got you covered! Here is an all-inclusive list of the many things you can do and see when in the Canadian city of Perth.

We would suggest you go during the summers – as that is the time you would be able to explore Perth in its true beauty. That being said, if you are a winter lover, Perth’s scenic beauty during the winter months is worth a shot too.

Eat & Drink

Eating & drinking is undoubtedly two of the favorite things on the to-do lists of Perthites. This little town of Perth offers gastronomic adventures and a treat to the taste buds in the form of fine dining restaurants that will make your mouth water,and finger-licking pub eats for a night out! The town also does not hold back on providing thirst quenching spirits and brews. The culinary offerings in Perth are diverse and rich. Name it, and you shall find it in Perth!


Luckily for tourists, Perth offers a range of accommodations that would be suitable for a wide range of requirements and budget. From Bed & Breakfasts to the traditional motels & hotels, Perth has got you covered with easy and cozy accommodations.

Outdoor adventure

There is absolutely no shortage of adventure when it comes to Perth owing to its abundant rural landscapes, a river that runs through the town and a countless number of lakes. From paddling to golfing, hiking, running, cycling to sports & recreation in the Perth Community Center, you will be spoiled for choices if you’re looking for some outdoor adventure in Perth.

Walking tours

We understand the urge for solo travel, but sometimes, if you wish to explore a place and know it better, there is nothing better than guided tours. Perth offers several such guided walking tours that can be availed by tourists. Some such options to explore are:

  • Perth Through the Ages
  • The Lonely Ghosts Walk
  • The Halloween Ghost Tour
  • The Perth Walking Food Tour
  • Self-guided Walking Tour

Arts & culture

Arts & culture and Perth are synonymous. Perth has a massive community of producers, actors, and artists. You can do a lot of creative things in Perth popping in to see an exposition at a local art gallery or soaking in the rich culture and arts scene in Perth in places like:

  • Riverguild Fine Arts
  • Studio Theatre Perth
  • Classic Theatre Festival
  • The Academy for Musical Theatre etc.

Festivals & events

From garlic to rubs to music, nothing is missing on Perth’s calendar when we touch the topic of popular events and festivals. Some such events and festivals you can participate in Perth are:

  • Fire & Ice
  • Stewart Park Festival
  • The Festival of The Maples
  • The Lions Garlic Festival.

And when you run out of the 5 million things to do & see in Perth, you can hop over to check out the Crystal Palace and Matheson House Perth Museum!


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Understanding the history of Ontario town – Perth

If you thought Ontario was all about Toronto, you couldn’t have been more wrong. There is just so much more to explore here, and Perth is one of those cities that can delight you with everything from its modernity to its history.

Perth, Ontario and all you need to know about It

Historically, Perth has been an important town where the Irish and Scottish crossed the Atlantic Ocean as early as 200 years ago. It is interesting, that the name Perth was derived from a river and town in Scotland.

The Perth Military Settlement was established in 1815. That is when the settlement in Perth actually started in Lanark County. Perth boasts of some of the gorgeous buildings that speak of its history. While you walk on the streets of Perth, you can see that each building speaks volumes about the history on their own.

The war in the year of 1812 led to the military establishment in Perth by the year 1816. The majority of the first colonists in Perth, Ontario came from Italy, France, Poland, Germany, Ireland, and Scotland. Their military services were exchanged with an offer of land. 1824 saw the last of the military state and this when the  self-government municipal rightswere granted to the settlers.

However, let us dive deeper into the mystic land of Perth!

Historically important places in Perth, Ontario

St. Paul’s United Church Cemetery, which is the oldest burial ground in Canada can be found in Perth. It was earlier known by the name of The Old Methodist Burying Ground. One can find this cemetery on Robinson Street at the Last Duel Park’s south-east end. Another popular cemetery housed by Perth is the Craig Street Cemetery, which is also referred to as the old burying grounds. It is home to several historical graves between the years 1820 and 1873.

St. Paul’s United Church Cemetery,

The field of blood

While we are sure there have been other cases of homicides later, perhaps the most fatal duel to be remembered in Perth is the one that happened way back in 1833. On June 13, that year, a student, studying law and named Robert Lyon was killed when he fought with a friend name John Wilson over a woman named Elizabeth Hughes. This site in Perth that is known for the last duel is also referred to as the “Field of Blood.”

The Mammoth cheese

Perth produced Mammoth Cheese (a 22,000-pound of cheese) in the year 1893 to promote the famous Canadian cheese throughout the world. It was exhibited at the Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition.

The heritage of Perth nowadays

The heritage of Perth is as vast as its history. Today, it boasts of restaurants, boutiques, antique shops and much more. The most exciting thing about these old and mundane businesses is that they all work out of stone buildings that date back to 100-200 years. These historical edifices are a tourist attraction in themselves!

You could even try going in for the Classic Theatre festival which offers several walking tours, including a Lonely Ghosts walk.

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Enjoy these top 5 traditional & archaic places in Perth!

If you are in Ontario and are looking for some great fun things to do, head off to Perth. Just like its namesake in Australia, Perth in Ontario offers a lot for everyone, whether you are a tourist looking for some shopping deals or someone looking for a great, charming place to stay.

History and architecture lovers can stroll around Perth to admire the well-preserved structures that date back to the 19th century. The City Hall and the Gore Market Street, which still serves as a municipal building, are places of significant interest in Perth.

The house McMartin Gore and Harvey and St. James Church, which is located on the corner of Harvey Street and Drummond are also something that you can look forward to while in the city.

Let’s check out the top 4 traditional and archaic places to explore in Perth!

1. Perth Museum

Perth Museum is located in the Matheson House, a stone house built in 1840 by a wealthy merchant and politician. Perth Museum allows visitors to take a step back in time to see how the house looked in the years after it was first built and includes furniture and decorative elements of the time. Permanent and temporary exhibitions pay tribute to extraordinary events and achievements in Perth’s past. In the summers, the museum hosts pioneering events and special events in its luscious gardens.

2. Farmer’s Market Perth

On Saturday mornings from May to October, check out the merchandise at the farmer’s market in Perth, which is located in the Crystal Palace, opposite the City Hall. Local producers sell items such as fresh organic fruits and vegetables, crustybread, meats, fresh flowers and herbs, honey and eggs, as well as jewelry and crafts. A lucky winner gets a basket full of samples that are given every Saturday. Farmer’s Market in Perth opens at 08:00 and runs until 13:00.

3. Conlon Complex Farm Recreation

Lovers of outdoor sports appreciate the Conlon Complex Recreation Farm. Conlon Farm is open around the year and has a skate park, hiking, basketball courts, beach volleyball courts and tennis courts during the summer months.It also offers ice skating, a toboggan hill and cross-country skiing in winters.

4. Festivals Aplenty

The city of Perth hosts a variety of festivals throughout the year for residents and visitors to enjoy. Celebrate the Rose Garlic Festival that stinks in mid-August, or head to Perth over the Labor Day weekend for food, entertainment,and events, orhave the time of your life at the Perth Fair!

5. McMartin House

If you are looking for some classically inspired architecture, a two-storey red brick residence, head off to 125 Gore Street. It’s today a museum and one that you would love to visit.

These top 5 places are the pride of the country and showcase the true cultural heritage of Perthites. Next time you’re in Perth, do not miss the chance to discover more about these ancient gems that are of significant historical value to the city of Perth.

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